Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The new boys arrive!

The beginning of December brought some much needed happiness to our farm, with the delivery of two mates for Rafa, thanks to Nigel Cobb. We had chosen two super little grey boys that really are a lovely temperament, from our friend Jane in Gaucin. Immediately they were eating out of ours hands, literally! The new boys are Marcus and Eduardo. The three boys come running to the gate to meet us whenever we go to see them, and watch with great intent when we walk the dogs past their paddock. We are just loving having them here, they will be such an asset to our farm!

Rafa in front, with Eduardo behind and Marcus on the right

The boys meet Galaxy

Eduardo, with his fringe on the left, Marcus on the right

Whilst he was here Nigel took the opportunity to get hands on with Galaxy, he's a sprightly little lad! He was approximatley two months old in the photos below, and Nigel struggled to hold him!

Nigel thanks Cassandra for letting him see her gorgeous little boy!

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