Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Miliko's op

From the moment little Miliko came into our lives, we new he would have to have an operation on his hip! It had been completely dislocated and the only way it could be 'fixed' was to remove a piece of bone and re attach the muscle. Poor little boy would always one one leg shorter than the others, but it would stop him from having any pain. So of course we had to go through with it. The operation was scheduled for December 23rd, we were not doing anything wild for Christmas anyway.... we wish! There was a little concern when the performed an ECG as he had an unusual heart rythym. The decision was made that if there were any worries they would stop the procedure immediately. The actual operation was much simpler than Geri's, so Miliko was taken off of us and was made wave a paw. We had to return two hours later!

When we returned the operation was nearly finished, so we sat and waited. Thank goodness Maria one of the young vets in the practice speaks fluent English, she said to us there was a problem that surgeon he needed to speak to us about..... oh no! He asked, through her, had we noticed any problems ever with him regarding his mouth, did he eat properly etc. We said no, he had no problems eating, why? He told us he could not get the tube into his mouth whilst he operated, sadly whilst forcing it open, his jaw broke. He had taken x rays to explain and show us. We then put two and two together! He yawns with his mouth turning into a smile, instead of opening it (you know a bit like when you are bored, and don't want to show it!) Also when Andres our vet gave him a pill once, he had a terrible problem, getting it in his mouth,but we thought he was just strong! Plus he has a funny little bark, I guess because he does n't open his mouth! It was something we would need to keep an eye on, but hopefully it would settle down. The surgeon felt that probably the accident that caused his hip to be dislocated, probably broke his jaw too, and it had fused back together incorrectly. Sadly he had proably been hit by a car!

Anyway we got him home, and what a nightmare he was. He wouldn't keep still, unlike Geri that loved being pampered. Alan and I sat up for hours, trying to stop him from jumping about. We put him on the sofa where he normally sleeps, as we felt sure he would try and jump up anyway. Eventually we went to bed and slept very lightly! The following morning we woke up early, as soon as he heard us he stood up and jumped, all be it in slow motion, onto the floor and ran to get a drink. The next few days we tried so hard to keep him still, without much success. Thankfully he is doing just great and the vet is very pleased with his progress!

Not really ill, just trying to keep him still!
Showing Blue his scar
We had to keep re bandaging him

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