Friday, April 16, 2010

It's all about Miliko

Little Miliko was unaware he was due to be castrated, poor lttle guy. So he was his normal cheerful little self. Alan and I had taken him the week before to our local vet where he was given a blood test leading up to his op.

One particular day, a couple of weeks ago, we were spending time with the alpacas, as I shall explain in my next thrilling installment. Miliko can see the alpacas when he climbs onto a wall, which slopes upwards on one side, but has a drop of about two and a half metres the other side. We cannot stop him, or Carlos climbing onto these walls, so we tend to try and ignore them and not make too much of a fuss, when we see them towering over us. Often both of the boys are running along the wall together. To my horror, I heard a slight squeal, and in a fraction of a second, I looked up and felt that Miliko had fallen, rather than jumped, off the wall. I shouted "Oh my God," and he hit the ground, with a thump, on his back!

I was so scared, I thought he had badly injured himself. He is a boney little boy, who had so recently had a major operation on his hip, and had just been discharged from the surgeon . He rather carefully manoevered himself to sit on his bottom, and then he shook from head to toe, as did Alan and I! We carried him into the house and cuddled him for a little while. Apart from, I'm pretty sure being fairly bruised, there was no great harm one. Little Miliko is like a cat with nine lives!

That same evening we took him to the vet to plan his castration, and we were informed his blood test showed up a liver problem, so the operation was on hold. He is now on liver protection pills for a month and then the blood test will need to be redone! Poor little Miliko, he does go through it!

He has n't learnt his lesson!

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