Sunday, April 18, 2010

Musical alpaca's day!

We needed to have a day to spend time with the alpacas and give them injections. Nothing drastic, just ivomec which we vaccinate them with, to control parasites. We felt it was also a good day to play musical alpacas and move them around. Alan had planted oat hay for the girls in a new paddock, and they were about to think it was their birthday! The girls and their cria had been close to the house, so we could keep an eye on their babies through the winter, they were moved to were the boys were "hanging out!" The boys came back up to where the girls were prior to giving birth!

As the girls were in a small paddock, we used to let them roam and eat weeds in our outdoor areas. Silly them going to waste. I think they thought they were escaping and loved it!

Santa could not find his way out the first time!

Alan carried him to his mum

The girls have a munch on some weeds

The girls love their new paddock

Lovely weeds for the boys

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