Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awww baby kittens are born!

You may remember that last year our little wild cat, Barb, gave birth to a litter of kittens. At one point we had a fairly large family so we named them. Mum was Barb, dad Jim, we also had the kittens R Denise, Anthony, Baby David and Twiggy. The little family stayed with us all through then summer, then most of them vanished one day, apart from Barb and our pretty little R Denise. We guessed that maybe all the boys had gone off in search of pastures new. Barb and R Denise remained very close, and little Denise became more tame as the months progressed. A few weeks ago we noticed Barb was looking a little on the chunky side,we had not noticed any other cats around, but guessed she had had a one night stand! I followed R Denise one evening as I went to feed them, and noticed two little round things extremely close to her tail....... oh my goodness she's a boy! I'm afraid she will always be R Denise to me!

We knew the kittens were imminent, Alan and I were working in the casita when we heard Barb howling! I wondered if she was in labour, struggling. I crept into the barn where the noise was coming from and there she was in full sight of us, having made a little nest with three beautiful kittens. I think the photo below they were just a few hours old!

One week old and Barb looks happier

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