Friday, May 4, 2012

Brighton, and beautiful Maisie turns 2!

March, and I cannot believe my beautiful Maisie has had her second birthday!  Where oh where have the last two years gone?  I am so very lucky, two gorgeous grandgirlies, and I thank the Lord for whoever invented skype as most weeks I get to chat to my gorgeous granddaughters on there, plus more importantly see them grow into the wonderful little characters that they are, Thank goodness they can also see me too, so I'm not too much of a stranger in their lives.  I love the fact they both ask if they can talk to me on the computer!

In between Frankie working, we managed to get a day out to the Seven Sisters Sheep Farm, personally I was in my element, and we saw two lambs that had been born just half an hour before opening time, and also Kaci managed to feed an orphan lamb with a bottle too.  The plan was for Mark and Maisie to come too, although unfortunately Mark had just finished a run of 7 night shifts, and his couple of hours nap rather extended itself!  Hopefully next time!  Kaci loved it, and spent hours trying to feed possibly every sheep there!

Kaci enjoying feeding the sheep

Frankie is just a little more excited!

No fear, what so ever!

On Maisie actual birthday, I was invited along to her "grandma's" house where Becky had put on a lovely tea for us all.  It was lovely to spend time with the Callie's family and spend the afternoon with Maisie, after Mark and I picked her up from nursery.

Maisie's little tea party

 Maisie loving her chocolate birthday cake!

The following day I took Kaci along to Maisie's party and the girls had such a lovely time.  They both have had their parties at the same place so far, where there is a soft play area and it is just perfect for toddlers.  I love seeing the girls playing so lovely together.  I wonder if we will be saying that in a few years time!

The gorgeous birthday girl, Maisie!

As always, I try so hard to fit in visiting as many friends as I can, although my main priority of course is the family, and spending as much time as possible with the babies.  I did manage to see my 91 year old wee Uncle Charlie.  The last of my dear mum's generation, he looked fantastic, and as usual was getting ready to visit his local!  And I hope he can do that for a few more years to come, it was so good to see him looking so well!  I managed to fit in a very quick visit to my dear friend Wendy, and also squeeze in a sneaky hot tub night with my good friends Cathy and Claire, who I am so excited to be having over here for a few days this month!  Two of my former neighbours Barbara and Graham put up with me for a couple of hours for a catch up, poor Barbara was recuperating from an ankle replacement poor thing.  Plus as always a highlight of my week was a trip to the Haven Stroke Club to see my dear friends there! I can't believe I cannot get back until November this year, so hope my kids can manage an easyjet flight to see me here...... please!

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