Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zumba Fun in Adamuz!

Two of my lovely, and dare I say, younger ladies, that regularly come to my zumba classes in Montoro actually live not in Montoro, but in a tiny town called Adamuz.  It crossed my mind that maybe they would have friends in their home town that may like to do zumba, but did not want to travel to Montoro.  They eagerly said yes they did, and so I was excited about considering another class in another town.  Isabel and Beatriz arranged to meet Alan and I, one day, and took us to Isabel's parents bar, where we were shown two tiny rooms, above the bar, with marble floors, introduced to her mum and dad, and brother and heavily pregant sister, then taken across the road to her parents "electrical, plus anything else you may possibly need to buy in the whole wide world shop!"  And of course shown around her house.  These two ladies are so lovely, that although the room really was n't what I had dreamt about, but we decided to give it a go.  What could we lose.... not money once again the thought of us paying a rent or hall hire had n't seemed to have crossed their mind.

I bombarded facebook with posts about my new class, and the lovely ladies posted some posters around town for me.  The big day came, and we were met with double kisses all round, and we waited in the chosen, tiny room, with marble floor!  The class was due to begin at 7pm and at 6.57 ish there was just Isabel and Beatriz..... ho hum!  The girls decided to stand outside the door, and I guessed drum up a few friends.  Aproximately 5 minutes later the door opened and we could see many pairs of feet all making their way upstairs, to my class... yippee!

That first night was just so much fun.  We had 3 generations in the teeny tiny room, from Isabels neice and nephew of about 6 years old, to Isabel's mum and some of her friends, who took great delight in telling us they were in their 60's.  Isabel is a real chatter box, and I have told her before, that I bet she was the naughty girl in school, always talking, which her friend quickly agreed .  I could certainly see where she got it from, and the whole family were the same haha!  Singing loudly, and very often totally doing their own thing!  I loved it!!!  Sadly the free classes in Spain seem to bring lots of people in, then sadly many don't come back "because of the crisis"   Zumba is still going in Adamuz, we do not get many people in the class, however we always have fun and very often a good ole sing song too!

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