Monday, May 28, 2012

A day out with two Besties!

Two of our bestest friends here in Spain are Mike and Linda, who live blooming 3 hours away in the beautiful town of Ronda.  We would so love to live nearer, to each other, and therefore be able to spend more time together, but such is life, and we have been so lucky and appreciative that twice they have come to us on the train.  We have then met them and spent the day in Cordoba together.

For our last get together we decided to go to the beautiful Madinat Al Zahar, which is an amazing archaeological site in the hills of Cordoba.  Within it are the ruins of a huge, fortified Arab Muslim medieval palace-city, that was built in the 9th century!!!  This medieval city included vast ceremonial reception halls, mosques, administrative and government offices, gardens, a mint, workshops, barracks, residences, and baths. There are archaeologists working full time on the site, what an amazing job that must be!  We visited the beautiful Madinat Al Zahar, and had a lovely catch up, as always, the temperature was a practically perfect, mid 20's with glorious sunshine.  

We finished off the day with a beautiful lunch by the waterfalls on route to the station.   Can't wait to do it all again!

Our lovely friends, Mike and Linda!

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