Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sunshine, Scorchyness and Siesta's in Cordoba

Sorry it's been a while!  Been a bit bogged down with  a few health problems, although I am that other person again now, the much nicer one!!!!! And feeling so much better so I thought it was time to catch up!

Well we made it, we survived another scorchio summer in the "Frying Pan of Spain." We have had a lovely summer with quite a few visitors this year, friends and guests.  I have to admit we had some rather lovely European families visit this year.  Apparently the flights going back to England were particularly expensive this summer due to the Olympics, so we were over the moon to have some lovely families from France, Holland and Germany.  Wow what lovely families, and I have to admit to shedding my first tears after a family left, that were not my own family! How very embarrassing!  This particularly lovely Dutch family had walked the dogs with us, spent time with the alpacas, fed and cuddled the chickens, and adored little Pedro, one of this years kittens, who has become extremely friendly, mainly due to being fed numerous times a day!  The gorgeous, kind 12 year old son took great delight in teaching me Dutch phrases whilst I in turn taught him a little Spanish too.  Every evening the routine was "Good night, buenas noches, goedenacht!"  The family had a bbq with us on their last evening, and the dad confided in me, "There will be tears tomorrow!"  Oh no, I'm such a big cry baby I hate to see anyone cry, as it immediately starts me off!

The following morning we were about to say our goodbyes, and I have to admit I had not thought about little Maud, and her possible tears, until I saw her bury her head into her mums side, and her little chin and bottom lip tremble.  That was it, I was off!  Alan was having a right chuckle to himself.  I'm sure his first thought was "Well that goes to show they have had a blooming good time!"  I was secretly pleased that the mum seeing me in tears started her off too, so I did n't feel quite so ridiculous, well I did feel pretty ridiculous haha!

This summer we saw even more extreme temperatures than usual and one thermometer in the town centre of Montoro showed 58 degrees.  Yes it was it in the sun, the afternoon, but bloody hell, even so! 

Whilst we tried our very hardest to keep cool, and hardly move, the dogs slept most of the day.  The cats found shade anywhere they could and more often than not the alpacas sunbathed and soaked up the sun, mad things!

Our big beautiful Blue, keeping cool with an iced carrot... yes she will eat anything!

Cassandra and Bermuda sunbathing

Iker and Pedro huddled together, even in the heat!

Some of the dogs come in for a siesta, and yes that's their sofa!

Blue prefers to stay with us, in the kitchen

Well that was the sum total of our summer really.  Lots of sun and many siesta's, rather a lot of ironing in 40 plus degrees, and my zumba lessons continued.  All in all a pretty good summer!

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Mark said...

You really do live in 'The Frying Pan' of Spain don't you. Glad you had a good summer.