Sunday, October 14, 2012

We've only blooming done it................

I am extremely proud to say we, or I should correct myself, and say Alan has written a book.  I am allowing him 95% of the credit, however I would like a teeny bit for keeping up my blog, which has been great to refer back to, plus of course I am a woman!  As that woman it was my role to tell him anything I did n't like, plus changed words round willy nilly, even though this may have upset him at the time, just because I am a woman!  

Seriously Alan has worked extremely hard.  When the weather got too hot here to do anything other than "sweat like a donkey" as our friend Pedro says, Alan would take him self off for hours on end typing away.  We could not have got this far with some help from great friends.  They will of course be acknowledged in the book.   First of all we were skint, and desperately needed a second laptop.  Our good friend Trudy had a spare one not being used, and she posted it to us,  for free!   One of my best friends is an editor, Jo, who went through it all with a fine tooth comb, and dotted the i's and crossed the t's and changed any other mistakes we had made.  Another great mate Rich, a very talented artist, is in the process of designing a cover.  I love it, I love it, I love it, and we are not even quite there yet.  If you would like to see just how very talented he is take a look at his website.  You will be blown away.

Through looking at other ex pat authors we came across Victoria Twead, who has a series of hysterically funny books published.  At the beginning Alan sent her the first few chapters and she liked it!  Wooo hoo!  Victoria and her husband Joe as well as being authors run a publishing company for ebooks.  We are over the moon to be working with them, and they are publishing the book in ebook format to be available in every conceivable platform.  You can see Victoria's website here at Once that it done, it will be also available in paperback too.

I'm sure you will be hearing more about it as soon as we know it's available.  The book is called....  pause for drum rolling, trumpet playing and wooping in delight....................

Bloody Hell, What's An Alpaca?

Of course it is the story of our first few years here in Spain.  Why I really gave up teaching dancing!  Our strange estate agent!  Disappointing builders!  Our initial foray into breading alpacas!  Heartache, tragedy and funny laugh out load moments too.

I'm sure it would be a great stocking filler for Christmas.  Especially if you know either Alan or I, or have been here for a holiday.  We will keep you all informed of it's progress!  Meanwhile we have set up a website to run alongside the book, where you will be able to keep up to date with blogs (from Alans point of view), and photographs of all the animals that feature in the book.  We would be so grateful if you would share it with your friends.

Thanks you!

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Simon Harris said...

Congratulations to both of you! Succeeding in writing a book is a massive achievment!