Friday, January 10, 2014

Alan's New Book is Published

Hooray once again that clever other half of mine has published his second book.  The sequel to 'Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca?'  Alan's latest book is called 'Seriously Mum, Where's that Donkey?'

It is of course next stage in our lives here in rural Spain.  The ups and downs of living off grid.  The highs and lows of extreme temperatures.  There are stories of new friends, especially our very dear friends Pat and Pedro, that we met in the fruit and veg department of a supermarket.... as you do!  We have become great mates and  we love spending time with them.  Plus we met a new Spanish family with a huge menagerie of animals and literally thousands upon thousands of olive trees.  There is the heart warming story of our Santa, the youngest of our alpacas, who became ill after gorging on copious amounts of figs after escaping from the boys paddock.  He was like a child at a party who had eaten to much.  A trip to the vet with an alpaca on my lap did the trick.  And of course a disappearing donkey.... it all happens here!  

If you are interested in buying Alan's books, look him up on amazon... Alan Parks.  The books are available as paperbacks or ebooks. He's got some rave reviews.

Our Cheeky Santa


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