Thursday, January 9, 2014

RIP Auntie Marg

Dear Auntie Marg one of our pretty white chickens finally gave up her fight and passed away recently.  She had been ill for at least a couple of weeks.  Alan first noticed something was wrong when he thought she had hurt her foot or leg.  On close inspection he could see nothing but she seemed to be limping and occasionally she would fall right over onto her side.  She would manage to get up eventually and shuffle round with Auntie Mabel and Auntie Jess, all be it at a much slower pace.  We tried he with some apple vinegar which was recommended, and we also spoke to our vet who suggest some general antibiotics. She certainly didn't seem ill, but to me it looks as though she may had suffered a little stroke.... do chickens have strokes?

As time went on we really were at a loose end. We didn't want to have her put down unnecessarily of course, although we hoped she wasn't suffering.  In the mornings when Alan would let the ladies out, he would get Auntie Marg down for a little toddle aound, making sure she drank her medicine, then put her back in her comfy alpaca and straw bed.  Oh yes nothing but the best for our ladies!

One morning I went to let the 'Aunties' out.  Alan prepared me that she may have died in the night.  I was prepared, we had thought that for the past week.  I opened the door slowly as I didn't know where she was. Thankfully the door is raised about 4 inches (in old money) due to a step into their room, and the door brushed over her, she had been lying behind the door.  I felt awful!  I picked her up, gave her a cuddle and popped her back into her fleecy warm bed again.  Bless her!

It was just a few days later after tucking the ladies up for the night, Alan was concerned.  He thought she looked weaker than usual.  It's so hard to lose a pet, no matter how big or small, but I must admit it was a sad relief when she had passed away during that night. Aw God bless Auntie Marg.

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