Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kaci's 4th birthday and I'm in Brighton!

November saw me packing my mini case for a long weekend in Brighton. Celebrating the crazy Kaci's birthday... oh yes she is!  Funny, cute, beautiful with a dash of crazyiness thrown into the mix too.  

I had such a lovely suprise to be met at the airport by Frankie my daughter, Kaci, and a rather huge baby bump.  That was a complete shock as Alan, my friend Jo, and Frankie had concocted a plan, and I was expecting Jo to meet me.  So it was wonderful to have little Kaci running to meet me out of arrivals. 

I had asked Kaci prior to me going over, if she would like a Spanish dress, as I knew she would be receiving lots of other toys and pretty clothes from family and friends. She decided she would like that very much. Mark, Laura and my other gorgeous granddaughter Maisie alll came over the evening I arrived.  We had a lovely evening together and Franke cooked a lovely curry for us all.  I decided to give Kaci her birthday presents that evening, just to spread it out a bit.  Plus of course I thought she may want to wear her dress for her party the following day.

Yes she did!

I was unsure of Maisie's plans for the weekend, so I was over the moon to be able to pick her up from her mummy on the Saturday.  We went to watch Kaci's ballet lesson, then on to enjoy Kaci's party.  Jordan's mum, Kaci's Grandma Shelley, had suggested to Frankie that the party was held at her house which is larger than Frankie's, which was very kind of her.

At Grandma Shelley's

My girls.  I love them so much!

Pass the Parcel.... 

After lots of opening prezzies, scrummy party food, pass the parcel and a change into a Rapunzel dress, it was then time for Kaci to go to her daddy for even more celebrations.  Another change of outfit, and this time back into the Spanish with the high heels was in order...... She had as many dress changes as a super model that day!

Maisie enjoying her birthday cake, on the bus home

That left just a couple of days for me to have another major dental trip... more news on that in my next blog post, and admire that beautiful baby bump and enjoy my time with Frankie.  I wonder if he would wait for me?  My first grandson is due on December 12th and I fly back on the 17th... who knows!

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