Monday, February 3, 2014

Implant Update... Yes the Tooth Variety!

Another personal one here.... I hold my hands up and admit it, I am in the process of having a few implants.  If you need a reminder of my first appointment, including the first lot of  gorey bits, please check out my first post about it at the link here... (No yucky photos you will be pleased to know).

There I was enjoying my break with the family, but I had that horrible feeling hanging over me. That feeling in the pit of your stomach, that can only mean one thing .. a trip to the dentist!  Now I am one of the worlds biggest wusses when it comes to visiting that place.  No matter how lovely they are, let's be honest there are much nicer places to be. Imagine my horror when confirming my appointment, and I was told those horrifying words 'No Lorna, we won't be giving you any sedation, this time!'  At first I thought he was joking.  Sadly not. The big day arrived and I slid in pretending to be brave, hoping that maybe in an hour or so, it would be over.

The procedure for my second stage was started by sticking numerous injections into my mouth.  Into my gums, the roof of my mouth, that was a stinger, and the one that feels like it's going up your nose.  I had already had huge quanties of anaesthetic by the time it was the 'up the nose one' , so I wasn't sure where they were going in the end.  That was fine by me!  The next step was to re-expose the implants.  This is done by making small incisions into the gum... (I know, I know) and a small extension is fitted to the implants. The gums are stitched up again leaving the small posts out, in preperation for step 3.

I'll be honest it wasn't a vary nice procedure, obviously, but I did it.  I did moan a couple of times and they dosed me up a little more.... good good!  I was aware of the suturing, not because I felt any pain what so ever, only from the suture thread tickling my lip.  I did however make a complaint to my denist at the end, and suggested they use code words instead of cut, scalpel and suture - in a joking manner of course, brrr they still make me shiver! To be honest having that done without sedation made me pretty proud of myself. Go me!

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