Sunday, May 2, 2010

We have new Spanish friends :)

One evening Alan came in carrying a carrier bag, he said it was hanging on our gate. Inside the bag was a letter written in excellent English, from a young lady. Apparantly her auntie and uncle live fairly close to us and her auntie loves the alpacas and were interested in "buying one" First of all alpacas are herd animals, and are happiest in a herd of at least three, plus we thought her family would probably think there were around the same price of a goat....... er no! However if we were not able to sell any animals they would love to meet us.... yikes! Well Leonore left her email address, so we emailed her that same evening, and explained about the cost of alpacas, and some other facts for her to discuss with her auntie and uncle. Leonore emailed us back almost immediatly and said her family would love to meet us. She was actually going back to England two days later, where she was working, having finished university. So a quick date was fixed!

The following day Alan and I had a short drive to Leonore's uncle and auntie's olive farm. We were told the kilometre sign where their house was opposite, and we had a welcoming commitee of seven people waiting outside for us. We were welcomed as long lost friends and immediatly taken inside from the heat, into a very rustic, but beautifully cool room. It had very old trinkets and other interesting items hanging on the walls, and from the ceiling, and even a gun that the "auntie" had found in the garden.

Well the drinks were drunk and it was time for us to meet their many animals. We had only met Willy the miniature Yorkshire terrier, and their were twelve other dogs to meet, for a start!

Soon to be a mummy!

We were given fresh eggs to take home

Their piggy family

Loads of land for their goats

Having shown us there loving and cared for animals, it was now time to be impressed by their amount of land! A huge amount it was land too, the sum total of over 5000 olive trees, and an area of 400,000 square metres, which is 40 hectares, which is 400football pitches, how mental is that!

Right to the top of that hill!
Yes that hill!!!

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Mark said...

Now that is a lot of Olive trees!!!