Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brighton :)

My trips to Brighton, were always great, and I love my children so much, but having these beautiful grandaughters as well, makes it doubley fantastic going back. It is so hard not seeing them grow and change every day, or even every week, that when I see them I am totally in awe of how beautiful they are, and what little characters they both are.

This trip was for Mark and Callie's daughter Maisie's baptism, and I shall tell you all about our wonderful day in the next blog. Since moving to Spain our priorities in life are very different. We spend most of the time inside working, or outside with the dogs, or in the paddocks with the alpacas. No need to hair to be straightened very often, or make up to be worn, or even nice clothes to be worn. It came to prepare for my trip back and had not got a clue what I could wear, for Mark, Callie and Maisie's special day. In Montoro there are plenty of shops if you are a size zero up to about size 12.  The young girls / ladies are teeny tiny here, or there is the twin set brigade, that always look dressed for wedding. I don't fit into either of these categories, so my four days in Brighton were going to include a trip round the shops trying to find something to wear- nightmare!

Day 1 - Shopping - We arrived in town, looked in 2 or 3 shops, went into a coffee shop then met up with friends, and babies.............. wonderful!

Day 2 - Frankie and I decided if we went to Eastbourne we could probably shop til we dropped and no skiving chatting to friends. Shame but it had to be done.

I was getting cross with myself, although I must admit Frankie was being very patient with me, then we found something, yipppeeee! Good old M&S! Our poor old feet, we could go home and relax and get ready for the big day tomorrow!

Kaci and Mairead

Maisie, dreaming about her special day!

The boy friend, Freddie with mummy Lizzie

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