Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unhappy guests

I have counted up and we have had the pleasure, and I really mean pleasure, of sharing our home with twenty two families in the last two years. Sadly we had one booking that did not quite work so well.

When we receive an enquiry, we always refer prospective guests to our website, and recommend they check it out as we are very rural, and basically a small workng farm, with alpacas, dogs and semi tame cats. We also do not want guests coming and thinking then can walk to a village or bar, it takes twenty minutes by car, but then all your needs can be met with bars, restaurants, banks, shops etc, even though they are quaint and very traditional, there are no fish and chip shops, chinese take aways etc. We are in "real Spain" Well we had an enquiry, and Alan sent them the link, sadly not all of the prospective guests looked at it.
I was in Brighton celebrating Maisies baptism, and we already had guests here. Alan received a phone call from our next guests, that should have been arriving three days later, to inform Alan they were in Cordoba and ready to be met. We always meet guests just off of the motorway as the house can be difficult to find for the first time. Alan explained that there were not expected for another few days, and he was told they had changed their mind regarding their order of their travels. Rather than saying no it was not possible, he asked or them to give him a couple of hours so he could get the apartment ready for them, which they were happy to do, and he promptly rushed aound like a blue arsed fly!

We explain on the website that we have track leading to our house, however it is perfectly fine to drive on, and does n't need a 4 x 4, Alan knew sadly the moment they stepped out of the car and moaned about the track, it was going to be difficult. Alan is n't one for any form of confrontation, and he did his best to make them feel relaxed and welcome. The following morning of which Alan thought had been a good night with the dogs, and Arthur had been pretty well behaved, Alan was met by one of the guests and told in no uncertain terms that "The dogs had to go!" This was rather laughable until Alan was told that the if the dogs kept them awake again (although they certainly had n't kept Alan awake) THAT ALAN WOULD BE KEPT AWAKE! Quite was they were implying we are not sure. Alan rightly decided that we did not need guests like that and gave them back their money, and suggested they find a hotel. Apparantly as the left he was asked "No hard feelings?" A bit late for that I think!

In future we shall doubley check that all guests realise that we have a track, and dogs, which occasionly bark, and yes it does get hot in the summer here!

Thank you to all our other guests for making this so pleasurable!

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Claire said...

you always get one! You can't please all the people all of the time, you do such a wonderful job that 99.9% is something you two should be so proud of x