Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maisie's Beautiful Baptism day

Sunday 12th September, it would have been my mums birthday, as from today it had another wonderful special occasion, Maisie's baptism. The sky was blue, and there are few better places to be than Brighton, when it is sunny. It was going to be a hectic day, so Frankie dropped me over to Callie and Mark's in the morning to help a little, although Callie and her mum had made a very good start before I arrived. I had a lovely morning helping a little, and just being there with Maisie and the family.

Maisie 's baptism was at St. Thomas Mores RC church in Brighton, and led by Fr. John. I have met him a few times before, a truly lovely priest, he started the service outside in the sunshine, and we then all followed inside. Frankie was looking after Dilan, who slept most of the time, the Godfathers baby, and Chris was on photography duty, whilst I tried my best to look after a rather excited Kaci who rather liked the sound of her voice echoing around the church.

The service was beautiful and Maisie looked and behaved like an absolute angel. As Mark held her at the font, she did not murmur once but her little head became lower and lower and she slowly and gently nodded off to sleep. She cried just a tiny bit as the priest anointed her with her holy water, that's good - I was always told that's the devil coming out - as if!

After the service we had a lovely afternoon at one of the local pubs where Mark, Callie and Callie's family had put on a beautiful buffet. It was really nice for me to meet more of Callie's family.

What a wonderful day. I am so much looking forward to a repeat when it is Kaci's big day in November!

A handful of my favourite photos

I'm hoping to post a few more photos soon

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