Thursday, December 24, 2009

First alpaca baby born here! - SEPTEMBER

There is a birthing photo, just to warn you if you are eating!

Our beautiful Cassandra was a first class mum, normally giving birth without too many problems, and then continues to seem to know exactly what to do. At around eleven months gestation we started setting our alarm and checking on her from early in the morning, every half hour or so.

One morning, about three days before her eleven and a half months were up, I happened to be chatting to Frankie online when Alan checked on Cassandra. He said he was going to have a closer look at her, as she was visiting the poo pile, but nothing was happening, which is a sign of labour. When Alan had a good look at her he noticed a definite swelling around her vaginal area. Oh my God today's the day! We were so very nervous as our vet is half an hour drive away but hoped if everything went 'text book' that we would not need him. As he does not drive it would have meant one of us shooting off to get him.

Our main concern was that the baby would not be the correct way round, two front feet and a head first.... please! YES YES YES, we are half way there, head and feet, a little cough from the baby as the head way hanging out, to help clear the airways! About ten minutes later during which Cassandra had a little trot around, I think mainly to try and find a peaceful area to give birth in, and a sit down, stand up or two, and then out he came! Our first beautiful, stunning baby born here at our farm! A day we will never forget! All the trials and tribulations of being an alpaca owner here in Spain, completely shoved to the back of our minds. We had watched a miracle, the miracle of birth. The little boy was chocolate brown, with a teddy bear face, I so wanted to cuddle. Within about half an hour he was up on his feet and feeding successfully from his very proud mum!
Wow what a day!

Great excitement in the paddock

The "family" gather round to see

Cassandra with the baby and his brother Rafa

Very proud mum and baby

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