Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two mates for Rafa

Alan dashed out, running towards the paddock, one morning, muttering something ineligible! He had spotted Rafa having a very good attempt at mating with his mum, who two weeks previously had given birth to Galaxy. As Cassandra was at her most fertile, even though Rafa was young we could not risk him making her pregnant, therefore a quick trip to Gaucin was decided on, to see our friends Jane and Juli, and to chose a couple of boys to be mates with Rafa, who sadly could not be with his mum any more for the time being. We had a lovely time down there and chose two lovely boys!

Our two boys we chose are the greys

After visiting Gaucin we called in on our good friends Nigel and Ginny Cobb for a bite of lunch and a good old catch up! After us all having a nightmare time with our alpacas it was lovely to see some of their gorgeous new babies!

Ginny with two of her new babies

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