Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our new little friend

One morning in September, Alan and I were sitting having breakfast when we heard an unusual noise! Alan went out to investigate, he came back with a look on his face............ IT'S A PUPPY! A TINY PUPPY! I did not want to see him, we could not have anymore dogs, we have four, it is enough. I told Alan to try and put him outside, which he did, well he tried and tried, however he was very tiny and fitted through the tiniest gaps in our fences and gates. After about half an hour, I decided to give him some food and water, knowing full well there would be heart ache at the end of it! We enjoyed sitting watching this dear little puppy running around, and although he was nervous of us he was very inquistive also. It did not take long for us to be able to stroke him and pick him up!

Whilst he was running around like a little mad thing, I noticed something strange about his movements. It looked to us like he had a dislocated hip! We needed to seriously consider his future. A cute little puppy could be rehomed here in Spain, however a puppy needing surgery, therefore money spent on him, may not be quite so easy to rehome! We decided to take him to our vet and consider things from there. It was confirmed his hip was dislocated and that we should, if we were going to keep him, take him to the orthopaedic surgeon in Cordoba, that operated on Geri's knee a few months ago.

We decide pretty quickly that if he was to have a future he had to stay with us! We called him Miliko, after a Spanish clown. With his cute little face, huge ears and little limp it suits him just great. For the first couple of weeks he was with us, Miliko's best friends were the cats. We gradually integrated him with the dogs although he does like to have a little play with the cats when he can.

Our little Miliko
Miliko meets Barb

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