Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frankie's 21st Birthday

Obviously I made a trip back to Brighton for a lovely week for Frankie's 21st, what a wonderful time we had. I also saw quite a bit of Mark and Callie too. As the girls are both pregnant, it was all fairly low key, but still had a great time. On the day of Frankie's birthday poor Chris had to work, so we had a great girly day. We started off at the Pier, meeting up with our mad mate Micklos who was dj 'ing in the karaoke bar, then moved back down through the pier, gambling on the 2p machines onto the fish and chip shop. It was a lovely day and not too cold so we enjoyed it outside.

Frankie with our friend Micklos

Mmmmmm chippie time!

Unbeknown to Frankie, Chris had arranged for Frankie to have a 'Dior' make over, which was really done beautifully. Half way through it a lady came up to Frankie and asked her name, and then gave her one the most beautiful bouquets of flowers I have ever seen. Chris certainly was the hero of the day, and all the girls in Boots were clucking around him!

The next stop was a lovely family get together at the Thai Elephant. Poor Mark looked rather exhausted after doing a 36 hour shift!

Mark and Callie

I had arranged on the Sunday, a special girlie afternoon, and a party at the wonderful choccie wokiedoodah's. Callie was great at pretending to look interested in practically every shop in the Lanes, as we were running a little ahead of schedule, and the plan was that Frankie's friends would be in there before us. Frankie was very excited looking in the window of choccie wokie's and I said "Let's go in!" Frankie was adamant there was no point as there were no seats available.  We had however booked the boudoir, so we just needed to get her in there. Just at a great moment, some of Frankie's friends happen to look out and catch her eye! Frankie was just ecstatic at this and could not work out how these different friends from school, and the dance world would know each other and be waiting for someone together having a party. At last the penny clicked, and Frankie actually shed a few tears...... that was it, I was off! What a really lovely time we had, it was so lovely to catch up with friends again! The food was gorgeous, but next time, and yes I would love to do it again, I won't talk so much and eat more chocolate!

Frankie and her friends

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