Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poorly Miliko

We were only aware that our little Miliko was poorly, when he was very sick one evening. Being as dogs are often sick, then run around like nothing has happened, we did not really worry too much about him, at first. The following morning however he got himself positioned under a chair and just would not come out. He would not eat or drink and was still being sick. A trip to our vet Andres was in order and he immediately blood tested him, the results were ready in 10 minutes and he was given some anti sickness medicine and antibiotics. The worrying thing was he was due to have his hip operation a week later. Within the next week Miliko went to the vet a couple more times and was blood tested each time. The worrying thing was as the poor little pup had literally arrived over, or under our fence one day. He had never had any vacinations. The decision was finally made to be patient, allow him to get completely better, then give him his vaccinations, and then arrange his operation after that. Poor little boy!

A poorly Miliko

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