Monday, May 31, 2010

Beautiful baby birds

This year we have been lucky enough to really enjoy the beautiful birds around us. We think they are swifts, I have looked online and they certainly look like swifts, although apparantly they do everything mid flight, even sleep, and mate.... how bizarre is that! The problem is ours do seem to perch, well it's not a problem for them, only me trying to decide what they are! Well we have many nests too numerous to count, however some of them have been fairly easy to see inside, and watch the little miracles hatch.

Little fluffy heads peeping out!

Another full nest

We saw one little brave soldier take his first flight, he landed about five metres away on the ground. His parents watched intently and flew around him trying to encourage him, it was wonderful to watch!

About to take the plunge!

Mum or dad, encouraging him!

Ok who's next?

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