Friday, May 7, 2010

Shearing time again!

It seems no time ago that we were preparing for alpaca shearing a year ago. We were going to be very thin on the ground with friends/ helpers this year as there seemed to be a shearing curse going around! Our friends David and Di from the gorgeous area of the El Torcal national park were struck by the shearing curse! Our dear friend Di had a nasty accident with their lovely donkey, basically there was a donkey and a rope involved and poor Di, finished up with a broken leg in hospital. She is now part bionic and we do hope feeling much better and on the mend. Then there are our good friends Mike and Linda from near Ronda, and there was an alpaca and a bampoo pole involved, well to cut a long story short poor Mike had to have five stitches in his hand, the day before our shearing, so he was unable to drive up to us. Ginny Cobb had to stay at home and play midwife as they had alpacas due to give birth. Thank goodness Nigel, was coming and our lovley family that were holidaying with us from Holland joined us in a bbq, or we would have been eating Alan's fabby home made burgers for weeks. Actually, come to think of it, everyone was full before burger time, so we ate them for lunch and dinner for the next three days. Anyway I am digressing!

James and Kym Dixon, once again thankfully did the trip to Spain to shear for us all here. It is amazing how their confidence rubs off on the alpacas, and they just allow themselves to be sheared with very little fuss or bother. We had one little wingey baby, Santa! He squealed like a scaredy cat, or alpaca, through the whole experience, then I noticed Kim throw an old towel over his baby manly bits as little bits of wee wee were shooting out now and then, bless him. Well the shearing was done, the animals were all feeling much better, it was time for us all to crack open the beers and relax. It was lovely to have James and Kim stay over too, as they were travelling north from us the day after!

Rafa and the boys

Little weeny Rafa


Eduardo being checked out by Rafa, after being sheared


The boys watch Marcus being sheared

Gorgeous fluffy Galaxy

"Careful with me bonnet James!"

Little weeny Galaxy


Lovely Lily

Our big girl Bermuda

No harm done, tucking in nicely!

Dear little Santa

Looking very handsome!

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