Friday, May 7, 2010

Frankie and Chris's Nightmare

Frankie and Chris were planning on bringing my gorgeous grandaughter, Kaci out here for her first holiday in Spain. Kaci's passport was sent for, in pretty good time. In fact when Mark phoned the passport office, as they were ordering one for Maisie, he was told not to worry about paying for a fast track passport as they were being processed and out again in aproximately ten days, and that was in April. Sadly those in higher places, in the passport office, decided that Kaci's would have a "random check" on it. A letter was sent to the lady that counter signed the form and passport photos, regarding her business and then had to be returned to them. Frankie at this point was phoning the passport office daily, often twice a day, desperatly hoping there was something ...... anything she could do to speed up the process, as it was getting tight for time. Friends were suggesting all sorts, going to London, paying for it to be done for an emergency etc. Frankie suggested all these things! Sadly as the passport was already being processed they would not upgrade it, even if the difference was paid for, and an emergency passport will only be issued for a life or death situation, plus a first passport for anyone these days has to go through so many channels, after all my grandaughter could have been a five month old terrorist!!!!! An adult obtaining a first passport these days has to go through an interview! Anyway the plane tickets had been bought and paid for, and Chris's brother was also coming out with them, for a holiday. It got closer and closer then the decision was enevitiable that Frankie and Kaci would not get their holiday :( It was an extremely upsetting time all round. Obviously I was very much looking forward to seeing my darling daughter and having lots of cuddles with Kaci again. Poor Chris had to come, as his brother was coming too. Poor Frankie my heart went out to her! She was told told so many different things by so many different people too. At one point Frankie was told it had been passed by the inspector, then the following day she was informed the inspector had not even looked at it yet! She was given a day that the passport was arriving, and therefore she had to be home all day to sign for it, and the evening prior to this, the passport was already in her post box, and she had not even signed for it. Thank goodness for the internet and we could keep in touch, and thank goodness Kaci will not need another passport for five years

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