Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May, the month of fab family visits :)

The month of May began with a visit from Frankie's partner Chris and his brother Gary. You may remember that Frankie was unable to come as their baby, Kaci's passport did not arrive back in time after it's "random blooming check!" Anyway the boys arrived, and of course we tried to give them the best holiday we could under the circumstances. The weather was very good, not too hot, so Gary could sit in the sun and fry, whilst Chris could keep popping indoors say "Oooh it's too hot for me out there!" Although Chris was not worried about the heat, when he was throwing him self into the pool. We all had a lovely time. We did not do many outings, although we did visit the Cordoba festival of patios, which was absolutely stunning! We certainly must put it on our website as an excellent week to visit Cordoba!

Chris in pose mode at one of the stunning patios

Playtime in the pool!

I was supposed to be having a wonderful surprise.... well it was still a wonderful surprise, but not quite the way it was supposed to be. I was completely unaware that my beautiful little grandaughter Maisie, had been given the all clear to fly, following her heart murmour worries, and Mark and Callie had in fact booked a trip to come over too. I did find out earlier than planned, as Alan had been trying to arrange if Frankie and Kaci would be able to come over with them too, so he had to tell me. They were a little disappointed they could not surprise me, but it was still a wonderful surprise...... if you see what I mean.

Mark was going to hire a car, but the day before we got an email "Mum, any chance you can pick us up from the airport?" It was such a lovely drive, two hours of sheer excitement before seeing Mark, Callie and my beautiful little Maisie again. Apparantly she was a little star on the plane. Once she had thrown up all over poor Callie and did a huge poo, she was all smiles, typical! Apparantly every one getting off the plane before them, was saying how gorgeous she was. Anyway we all arrived home in Montoro and I so enjoyed being a proper hands on nanny for about eight days. Mark and Callie had fun around the pool with the boys. Maisie also had loads of fun in the pool, and lots of quiet times in the big cool kitchen with nanny, wonderful!

My beautiful Maisie tries out her baby pool first

Now in the big pool with mummy and daddy!

BBQ one evening

Little Maisie totally zonked after swimming!

As well as enjoying the great company of Chris, Gary, Mark Callie and Maisie, Alan's mum and brother also joined us for a week, which was great! They came just in time for the fabulous Cordoba feria, or festival. Mike, Alan's brother, had n't been here for about 18 months, so the place had changed rather a lot! The weather was great, so they had a good time relaxing, I hope. Sadly, Chris and Gary had to go home before the Cordoba feria, but the rest of us went. Apparantly it goes on all night, but we dragged ourselves away around 12.30am. I had been flagging rather, and then just beore we were leaving, we passed lots of marquees that had been set up as bars and restaurants, many with flamenco dancing going on inside! Oooooh I would so love to do that! What a great month May was!

Mark, Callie and Maisie at the entrance to the Cordoba Feria

Maisie had a good time!
I love this photo!

Real flamenco, in a bar!
Two gorgeous little ones, dressed for the occasion!

Mike with his best mate, Carlos!

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