Sunday, August 16, 2009

MAY- Camelidynamics Course, in beautiful Gaucin

Towards the end of May our alpaca friends were all meeting up in the beautiful whitewashed village of Gaucin, in the mountains behind Marbella. Our friends Juli and Simon kindly hosted a camelidynamics course as they have excellent facilites as they own many horses and alpacas too. Our friends Jane and John kindly put us up in their 'to die for' house.

Alan with one of Juli's horses
Julie Taylor-Browne gave a fabulous two day course on the handling of alpacas. Our gorgeous animals are by nature extremely nervous, and anything to enable them to be lessed stressed in our care is great for us. I seemed to pair up with the notorious Mr. Nigel Cobb who was on top form, but was rather naughty, and did get us told off on occasions.... sorry Julie! However even with Nigels misbehaving, we all learnt so much, and have a fabulous couple of days with our great alpaca friends too.

Alan gets hands on!
Our good friend Di
Mr. Cobb!
Alan gets rather embarassed as he is a rather fussy eater, and on the second day Jane told him to go into the kitchen and cook his own dinner! It was the biggest steak I had ever seen. He was of course extremely grateful, but rather embarassed too. I'm sure our friend Mike who decided to sit beside Alan, hoped he would not finish it all. Of course he did! It would have been rude not too!

After the course each day we all rushed up to Jane and Johns to enjoy the fabulous pool.

The evening meal was made all the better but our New Zealand friends joing us too.
David and Di had puppies of about 4 weeks old that they had 'adopted' from their vet. Being so tiny they had to come along...... ooooooh we were so pleased they did. They were adorable!
This is Alf, one of Janes gorgeous dogs

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