Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SEDA Meeting

As alpaca owners we hold our meetings at alpaca owners/ friends houses. This time was our turn. It was quite exciting for us, as most of them had been to our house previously, but many months ago, it was great to see their excitement at the changes we had made. Specifically an outdoor shaded eating area. So we could have our meeting there and Alan tend the bbq without missing out on any important details. It was lovely to welcome Alison from the north of Spain, who had flown down especially for the meeting. Alison is hoping to own alpacas by spring of next year. We also were honoured to have a vet from Cordoba university, and and a Dr from the university also, who have been doing studies of alpacas.

We all spent a little time with the alpacas, and David and Di brought the puppies along too. We had a lovely day! Plus I must admit it was lovely for us not to have to do the usual 3 hour drive home, that we usually have to do. Although it is always worth it, to catch up with our lovely friends!

Our dear alpaca friends
We can see you cooling your feet, Linda!
It's hard to believe Arthur would have been this size,
less than a year ago
Puppy dog eyes, playing in the soil!

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