Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shearing Time

Where has the last year gone? It seems no time ago that James and Kim were here from Oz to travel through the South of Spain shearing our alpacas for us all. Last year it was just our dear Black Dancer and Cassandra, and this year we have 3 gorgeous girls, including the gorgeous Cassandra, and our dear little Rafa. Thankfully we have done lots of work here on the house since then. Last year we had no shaded areas to eat and James, Kim and our helpers were sat on a stair each in search for a little shade. We personally feel that our alpacas to do with shearing a month earlier. Here in the hottest part of Spain it already reaches the high 30's and 40's towards the end of May, and the alpacas were struggling slightly.... like the rest of us! Thanks so much to Nigel, Mike and Linda, and their friend Eddie who came and helped, and made the day go as smoothly as possible. Although the photos below may seem a little harsh, not a murmur was heard from any of them. James is very confident in his handling of the animals, and I feel they are comfortable with that!

Bermuda before....
and after!
Lily before....

and during! Lily is a bit of a spitter, so the sock was for our benefit

and after!
Rafa before

and what a difference!

Cassandra before
Rafa looks on, to make sure his mum is ok!

and after

All having a good sniff.... They don't recognise each other!


So said...

My mother's name is Lorna. It must be nice to start a new life, maybe I will do the same...after class.

many blessings and pet those llamas for me!

Lorna Penfold said...

Thanks "so", nice to have your comment. Yep quite an unusual name, Lorna :) They are alpacas actually but pretty similar!

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

James Dixon gets around! He did ours in July. It is such a relief to get them done, isn't it!

Lorna Penfold said...

Hi Lucy, yes they do get about, and it's so good to know they are done with care and skill!