Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friends pop by

Friends often say they are going to come and visit, but we do understand that you only get a certain amount of time off work, and you have to think seriously about where you want to spend your heard earned cash, on holiday! Chris was a dancer in my school many years ago, and we had chatted occasionally on facebook, and when he said he would like to come for a visit, I thought great! Then he phoned a few weeks later, and said HE REALLY DID WANT TO COME FOR A VISIT, I THOUGHT GREEAATTTT!

Chris and his partner Robert had planned to travel through Portugal and Spain, visiting friends and family, and we happened to be on route. They arranged to come on a particular day, I met them in town and they came back, had a drink, chilled in the pool etc and we all had a lovely barbeque together. They also had with them their huge, beautiful stunning dog, Bambou.

Our two biggies, Arthur and Blue, are great with people, adults and children alike, and they have only really met, for quite obvious reasons dogs a lot smaller than themselves. When Bambou turned up they were not really sure what to do. There was an awful lot of noise and Bambou was not scared in any way shape or form, and immediately went onto their territory. Well the noise got louder and louder and we suddenly realised whet was going on! Arthur and Blue, all 50 plus kilos of them were dead scared of Bambou! Yes a lot of barking was taking place but, as they hid behind us! Geri and Carlos had a great time with her however, probably made even sweeter that Arthur and Blue were scared of her!

Chris and Robert must have spent a fairly comfortable night, as they approached us in the morning, and said they didn't really want to go, and could they stay another night? We had no plans, and thoroughly enjoyed their company, so that was just great. They even set to work raking the last of the shingle around the decking of the pool. Thanks Chris and Robert it was great to have you here!

Chris & Robert in the pool

With their gorgeous Bambou

Bambou & Carlos
Arthur feeling a bit left out!
Bambou, with Geri & Carlos

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