Sunday, August 16, 2009


Poor Lily the alpaca has had a mite problem for a while now. We started treating it with Ginny's magic cream, then went onto 'Stop it all. A product which had good reviews over the internet. It was a 7 day program, then watch and wait. Lily is a funny little thing, rather nice looking, with a good 'bonnet'. She makes the weirdest noises when you take hold of her, rather like a very old lady being strangled.... Not that I have heard a very old lady being strangled, I hasten to add, but I could imagine it sounds something like that! Although once you have hold of her she is a good as gold. Maybe the odd air spit now and then, but I think she does this so the other alpacas will not think she is enjoying a cuddle!

Well we were about half way through the week, the alpacas were in the pen and we were rubber gloved and ready for action. Alan was holding Lily, and I was applying the cream, to her legs, around her 'booby doos' her eyebrows, ears and lips!

All was under complete control, so I thought. Alan was manoevering himself to enable me to reach the inside of her front legs. He suddenly said 'Are you sure you are putting that on Lily, only my inner thigh is feeling rather wet?' He did continue to say it wasn't a bad feeling, when chaos struck from nowhere! Lily decided she had had enough of this and sat down. Rafa the little boy's hormones are kicking in rapidly, and he thought this was a great opportunity for him. As he leapt on top of her, Lily did a huge spit, sadly Alan was in the way! Green spit from the depths of her tummy, rather vile and awful smelling, was almost dripping off of Alan. He headed rather swiftly for a shower! Poor Alan!

Lily, on a better day!

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