Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a shock!

Our friend Ken, who we called our good samaritan last year - who helped us when our car was out of action - by taking us shopping each week, was doing a bit of solar connecting up, kinda work for us. Alan and Ken were having a chat, in our huge kitchen, whilst Ken was up a ladder fixing a light to the ceiling about 12 foot high. I was upstairs apartment 'pottering' when I heard an almighty crash and, you know when your heart stands till for a minute because you know something awful has happened? Well it was one of those times! I ran down the stairs and found Alan standing over Ken, whilst Ken swore.... he's alive! Phew! I thought Ken had simply fallen off the ladder but no he had had an electric shock, THEN fell off the ladder, onto the base of his spine!

Ken was rolling around in agony! That's good too! At least he can move! Poor Ken actually moved over here, as he was advised to move to a warm climate after a major motor bike accident, that had him laid up for 2 years! After about 10 minutes he managed to get up and sit on a sofa, whilst Alan made him some hot sweet tea. I phoned our Spanish friend David, to ask his advice, if we needed an ambulance. As Alan turned to give Ken his tea, Ken had passed out, only for a few seconds but it frightened the daylights out of Alan. When Ken came round he didn't know where he was or what had happened to him. What a shock.... oops sorry for the pun!

Well Ken sat and relaxed for an hour or so with us, then Alan made sure he got home ok! Now if he is coming over to our place his kids say 'Not up any ladders today dad!'

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